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Whatsoever you give away in alms or vow as offering, is all known to God; but the wicked will have none to help them.

If you give alms openly, it is well; but if you do it secretly and give to the poor, that is better. This will absolve you of some of your sins; and God is cognisant of all you do.

It is not for you to guide them: God guides whom He will. Whatever you spend you will do so for yourself, for you will do so to seek the way that leads to God; and what you spend in charity you will get back in full, and no wrong will be done to you.

(Give to) the needy who are engaged in the service of God who are not able to move about in the land, whom the ignorant consider to be affluent as they refrain from asking. You can know them from their faces for they do not ask of men importunately. God is surely cognisant of good things that you spend.

Those who spend of their wealth in the way of God, day and night, in secret or openly, have their reward with their Lord, and have nothing to fear or regret.