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"Let me kill Moses," the Pharaoh said, "and let him call to his Lord. I fear that he will change your faith and spread corruption in the land."

Moses said: "I seek refuge in my Lord and your Lord from every insolent imposter who does not believe in the Day of Reckoning."

A believer from the House of Pharaoh who had kept his faith to himself, said: "Will you kill a man because he says: 'My Lord is God,' when he has brought clear signs from his Lord to you? If he is a liar his lie will recoil back on him; but in case he speaks the truth, then what he predicts will befall you. Surely God does not show the way to the shameful liar.

O my people, authority is yours today being the most powerful in the land; but who will save us from the scourge of God if it fall upon us?" "I show you," said the Pharaoh, "only what I see (is right), and guide you but to the right path."

But the man of belief said: "O my people, what I fear for you is the like of what befell the communities (of old).

Like the people of Noah, 'Ad and Thamud, and those that came after them. God does not want to be unjust to His creatures.

O my people, what I fear for you is the day of gathering, crying and calling,

The day you will turn your backs and flee, with none to defend you against God. Whoever God allows to go astray has none to show him the way.