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O my people, what is wrong with me that I am calling you to preservation, while you invite me to the Fire!

You are asking me to disbelieve in God, and to associate with Him that of which I have no knowledge, yet I invite you to the all-mighty, all-forgiving.

What you are calling me to is surely not worth the calling in this world or in the next, because our returning is to God; and because the transgressors will be inmates of Hell.

You will remember what I say in time to come; I submit my case to the judgement of God. Surely God keeps an eye on His creatures."

So God preserved him from the evil they were planning; and a dreadful doom encompassed the people of Pharaoh:

Fire, to which they are exposed morning and evening. The day the Hour is proclaimed (it will be said:) "Admit the people of Pharaoh to the severest punishment,"

As they will noisily argue in the Fire, the weaker ones will say to the arrogant: "We were your followers, so will you take over some of our share of the fire?"

The arrogant will answer: "All of us are in it. Surely God has judged between His creatures."

Those in the Fire will say to the warders of Hell: "Ask your Lord to reduce the punishment by a day for us."