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They will say: "Did not your apostles come to you with clear proofs?" They will answer: "Indeed, they did." "Then pray," will (the warders) say. But the praying of unbelievers will be all in vain.

We will certainly help Our messengers and those who believe, in this world, and on the day the witnesses take their stand,

The day upon which their excuses will not benefit the evil-doers, and the condemnation and evil abode will be theirs.

Verily We showed Moses the way, and bequeathed the Book to the children of Israel,

A guidance and reminder for men of wisdom.

So persevere; the promise of God is true; and seek forgiveness for your sins, and chant the praises of your Lord evening and morning.

Verily those who argue in the matter of God's revelations, without authority having reached them, have nothing but pride in their hearts, and they will not achieve their end. So take refuge in God: Surely He is all-hearing and all-seeing.

The creation of the heavens and the earth is indeed of greater magnitude than the creation of mankind; but most men do not understand.

The blind and the seeing are surely not alike, nor those who believe and act rightly and those who do evil. Little do you reflect!