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You should see them brought before the Fire, abject in disgrace, looking stealthily. And those who believe will say: "They who forfeit their souls and families on the Day of Resurrection will really be losers." Is it not that sinners will suffer a lasting torment?

They will have no protector to help them other than God. He whom God allows to go astray has no way.

Hearken to your Lord before the Day arrives from God that will not be averted. You will have no place of refuge then nor time for denying.

If they turn away (you are not responsible); We have not appointed you a warden over them. Your duty is to deliver the message. When We let man taste of Our favours he begins to exult; but if misfortune befalls him, as a consequence of his own deeds, man is surely then ungrateful.

To God belongs the kingdom of the heavens and the earth. He creates whatsoever He wills, bestows daughters on whosoever He will, and gives sons to whom He choose.

On some He bestows both sons and daughters, and some He leaves issueless. He is all-knowing and all-powerful.

It is not given to man that God should speak to him except by suggestion or indirectly, or send a messenger to convey by His command whatsoever He please. He is all-high and all-wise.