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Who sent down water in due measure from the sky, then quickened a region that was dead -- So shall We bring you forth --

He who created pairs of everything, and fashioned for you boats and beasts on which you ride,

So that when you sit astride of them and think of the bounties of your Lord, you may say: "All glory to Him who subjugated these for us. We were incapable of doing so.

Surely we have to go back to our Lord."

Yet they make some of His creatures His offspring! Man is surely most ungrateful.

Or has He taken from those He has created daughters for Himself, and assigned sons to you?

Yet when news of (a daughter) they had reserved for Ar-Rahman comes to one of them, his face is blackened (with shame), and he grieves in silence inwardly.

Can one who has been raised on ornaments and cannot present her case coolly in a dispute (be associated with God?)

Yet they have made the angels, who are creatures of Ar-Rahman, females. Did they witness their creation? We shall record their testimony, and they will be interrogated.

Yet they say: "If Ar-Rahman had so pleased we would not have worshipped them." They have no knowledge of it in the least. They only make up lies.

Did We give them a Scripture before this to which they are holding fast?

In fact they say: "We found our fathers following a certain way, and are guided by their footprints."