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He is certainly the sign of the Hour (of change). So have no doubt about it, and listen to me. This is the straight path.

Let not Satan misdirect you. He is your open enemy.

When Jesus came with the signs, he said: "I have come to you with authority, and to explain some thing about which you are at variance. So fear God, and follow me.

Verily God is my Lord and your Lord; so worship Him. This is the straight path."

But the factions differed among themselves. Woe alas to the sinners for the torment of the grievous Day!

Are they waiting (for any thing) but the Hour (of Doom) which would descend upon them suddenly, and catch them unawares?

Friends will turn into enemies on that day, except those who fear and follow the straight path.

O My creatures, there will be no fear or regret

For (those of) you on that day who believed in My revelations and submitted.

(You will) enter the garden, you and your spouses, and be glad."

Golden platters and goblets will be passed around, and everything the heart desires and pleases the eye will be there, where you will abide for ever.

This is the Paradise you will inherit (as meed) for your deeds.

You will have fruits in abundance there to eat.