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The Day of Judgement is your promised day of meeting,

The day when friend will help no friend in the least, nor will they be helped,

Apart from those to whom God is kind. He is all-mighty and all-merciful.

The tree of Zaqqum will indeed be

The food of sinners.

It is like pitch. It will fume in the belly

As does boiling water.

"Seize him and drag him into the depths of Hell," (it will be said),

"Then pour over his head the torment of scalding water."

"Taste it," (they will be told). "You were indeed the mighty and noble!

This is certainly what you had denied."

Surely those who fear and follow the straight path will be in a place of peace and security

In the midst of gardens and of springs,

Dressed in brocade and shot silk, facing one another.

Just like that. We shall pair them with companions with large black eyes.

They will call for every kind of fruit with satisfaction.

There they will not know any death apart from the first death they had died, and will be kept safe from the torment of Hell

By the beneficence of your Lord. This will be the great success.

Therefore We have made this (Qur'an) easy in your tongue. They may haply take a warning.

So you wait. They are also waiting.