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We have enjoined on man to be good to his parents: His mother carries him in her womb with hardship, and gives birth to him in pain. Thirty months is the period of her carrying and weaning him. When he attains to manhood and the age of forty, he says: "O Lord, guide me to thank You for the favours You have bestowed on me and my parents, and to do things good as may please You, and give me a righteous off-spring. I turn to You in penitence and submit."

They are those from whom We accept the very best of what they have done, and overlook their faults. They will be among the inmates of Paradise: A true promise they have been made.

But he who says to his parents: "Shame on you: You intimidate me that I will be resurrected when many generations will have passed before me?" And (the parents) would implore God's help: "Woe to you. You better believe. The promise of God is certainly true." Yet he answers: "These are only fables of long ago."

They are those on whom the sentence of God would be justified as on communities of jinns and men before them. They will surely perish.

Each will have a position in accordance with his deeds; and no wrong will be done to them.

The day the unbelievers are brought to the Fire, (it will be said): "You wasted all your good deeds in the life of the world, and enjoyed them to the full. You will now be requited with a shameful punishment, for you behaved with arrogance for no reason on the earth, and acted wickedly."