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Had We pleased We could have shown them to you that you could know them by their marks, and recognise them from the way they twist their words. Yet God knows all your deeds.

We shall try you in order to know who are the fighters among you, and who are men of fortitude, and verify your histories.

Surely those who do not believe, and obstruct others from the path of God, and oppose the Prophet after the way of guidance has been opened to them, will not hurt God in the least, and He will nullify all that they have done.

O you who believe, obey God and the Prophet, and do not waste your deeds.

Those who do not believe and obstruct others from the way of God, and die disbelieving, will not be pardoned by God.

So do not become weak-kneed and sue for peace, for you will have the upper hand as God is with you and will not overlook your deeds.

Verily the life of this world is no more than a sport and frivolity. If you believe and fear God, he will give you your reward, and will not ask for your possessions.

If He asks for all you possess and insist upon it, you will become niggardly, and it will bring out your malevolence.

Beware! You are called to spend in the way of God, yet some among you close their fists. But he who is niggardly is so for his own self: God is above need, and it is you who are needy. If you turn away then God will bring other people in your place who, moreover, will not be like you.