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O you who believe, avoid most suspicions: Some suspicions are indeed sins. So do not pry into others' secrets and do not backbite. Would any of you like to eat a dead brother's flesh? You would surely be revolted by it Then fear God. He is certainly forgiving and kind.

O men, We created you from a male and female, and formed you into nations and tribes that you may recognise each other. He who has more integrity has indeed greater honour with God. Surely God is all-knowing and well-informed.

The Arabs of the desert say: "We believe." Tell them: "You do not believe. Better say: 'We submit'; for belief has not yet penetrated your hearts." If you begin to obey God and His Apostle, He will not withhold the least (of the recompense) of your labour. Verily God is forgiving and kind."

They alone are believers who come to believe in God and His Apostle, then never doubt again, and struggle wealth and soul in the way of God. They are the truthful and sincere.

Say: "Are you trying to convince God of your faithfulness? But God knows all there is in the heavens and the earth, for God has knowledge of everything."

They impress upon you that they have submitted. Tell them: "Do not favour me with your submission. In fact God has favoured you by showing you the way to belief, if you are men of truth."

Verily God knows the unknown of the heavens and the earth; and God perceives all you do.