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QAF. I CALL to witness the glorious Qur'an.

They are rather surprised that a warner from among themselves has come to them. So the unbelievers say: "This is astonishing:

When we are dead and turned to dust, this returning (to life) is most far-fetched."

We know what the earth consumes of them, for We have the Book that preserves everything.

But no! They called the truth a lie when it came to them; so they are in a confused state.

Have they not looked at the sky above them, how We have fashioned and adorned it, and it has no flaw?

We stretched the earth and placed upon it firm stabilisers and We made every kind of splendid thing to grow upon it

As instruction and reminder to every penitent creature.

And We send down water as a blessing from the sky, and grow gardens with it and the grain for harvest,

And tall date-palms with their spathes pile on pile

As a provision for men, and enlivened a region that was dead. Even thus will be the life after death.

The people of Noah, Ar-Rass and Thamud denied before you,

As did the people of 'Ad and Pharaoh and the brethren of Lot,

And the dwellers of the Wood and people of Tubba'. Each of them denied the apostles. So My threat became a reality.

Were We exhausted by the act of the first creation? And yet they are confused about a new creation.