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who say: "O Lord, we believe; forgive our trespasses and save us the torment of Hell."

They are the patient, the sincere and devout, full of charity, who pray for forgiveness in the hours of dawn.

God is witness there is no god but He, and so are the angels and men full of learning. He is the upholder of justice. There is no god but He, the mighty and all-wise.

The true way with God is peace; and the people of the Book did not differ until knowledge (of this revelation) had come to them, out of mutual opposition. But those who deny the signs of God (should remember) He is swift in the reckoning.

Even then if they argue, tell them: "I have bowed in submission to God, and so have my followers." And tell the people of the Book and the Arabs: "Do you submit?" If they do, they will find the right path; if they turn away, your duty is to deliver the message. And God keeps an eye on His votaries.

To those who deny the signs of God, and slay the apostles unjustly, and slay the upholders of justice, give news of painful punishment.

Their good deeds will be wasted in this world and in the next, and none will they have to help them.