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How many generations have We destroyed before them who were mightier in power than they. Then they searched throughout the land to see if there was a way of escape.

Surely there is a reminder in this for whosoever has a heart (to feel), or takes heed.

We created the heavens and the earth and all that lies between them, in six spans, and no weariness came upon Us.

So you bear with patience what they say, and sing the praises of your Lord before the rising of the sun and its setting,

And glorify Him for some portion of the night, and additional adorations.

Take heed that the day the crier calls from a place close (to every one),

The day they actually hear the blast, will be the Day of rising of the dead.

We are the one who give life and death, and to Us will be the destination.

The day the earth will split asunder they will come out hurriedly. This gathering together is easy for Us.

We are cognisant of what they say; but it is not for you to compel them. So keep on reminding through the Qur'an whoever fears My warning.

I CALL TO witness those who scatter (dust) by dispersing,

And those who bear the load (of rain),

And those who move (on the water) gently,

And those who distribute (it) by command,

Verily the promise made to you is true:

The Judgement will indeed take place.