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He said: "What is then your business, O messengers?"

They said: "We have been sent to a wicked people

So as to let loose clods of clay on them

Marked by your Lord for those who waste their substance."

So We evacuated everyone who was a believer there,

But did not find more than a single family of believers.

We left a sign in this for those who fear the grievous punishment,

As (there was) in Moses when We sent him to the Pharaoh with clear authority.

But he turned to his counsellors, and said: "He is a magician or lunatic."

So We seized him and his armies, and threw them into the sea, for he was worthy of blame.

In 'Ad (also is a sign), when We sent a blasting wind against them,

Which turned everything it touched to ashes.

And in Thamud, when We said to them: "Enjoy yourselves for a while;"

But they disobeyed the command of their Lord; so they were destroyed by a thunderbolt, and they could only gape,

And neither stand up nor defend themselves.

(So had We destroyed) the people of Noah before them: They were surely a sinful people.

We built the heavens by Our authority; and We are the Lord of power and expanse.

We spread the earth a carpet; what comfort We provide!

And We created pairs of everything that you may contemplate.

So turn to God. I give you a clear warning from Him.

Do not set up another god with God. I give you a clear warning from Him.