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Have you not seen the people who have received a part of Revelation who are called to the Book of God that it may judge (in their disputes) between them? But some, being averse turn away,

For they say: "The Fire will not touch us for more than a few days." They have been deceived by the lies they have themselves fabricated, and stray from their faith.

How shall it be when We gather them together on a day that is certain to come, when each will receive his reward without (favour or) wrong?

Say: "O Lord of all dominions, You give whom it pleases You the kingdom, and You take away the power from whosoever You will; You exalt whom You please and debase whom You will. All goodness is Yours (entirely). Indeed You have the power over all things.

You make the night succeed the day, the day succeed the night, raise the living from the dead, the dead from the living, and give whomsoever You please, and in measure without number."

Those who believe should not take unbelievers as their friends in preference to those who believe -- and whoever does so should have no (expectations) of God -- unless to safeguard yourselves against them. But God commands you to beware of Him, for to God you will journey in the end.

Say: "Whether you conceal or reveal whatsoever is in your hearts it is all known to God, as is known to Him all that is in the heavens and the earth; and God has the power over all things."