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And Our command is but one (word) swift as the winking of an eye.

We have destroyed the likes of you in the past: So is there any one who will be warned?

All things they do are (recorded) in the books;

All things small or great have been written down.

Surely those who fear God and follow the straight path will be amidst gardens and light,

At the still centre in the proximity of the King all-powerful.


Bestowed the Qur'an,

Created man,

And taught him to express clearly.

The sun and moon revolve to a computation;

And the grasses and the trees bow (to Him) in adoration.

He raised the sky and set the Balance

So that none may err against the scales,

And observe correct measure, weigh with justice, and not cheat the balance.

He positioned the earth for all the creatures:

There are fruits of all kinds on it, and date-palms with their clusters sheathed,

Grain with husk, and fragrant grasses.

How many favours of your Lord will then both of you deny?

He created man of fermented clay dried tinkling hard like earthen ware,

And created jinns from the white-hot flame of fire.

How many favours of your Lord will you then deny?

Lord of the two Easts, Lord of the two Wests.

How many favours of your Lord will then both of you deny?