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Then you, the erring and the deniers,

Will eat of the tree of Zaqqum,

Fill your bellies with it,

And drink over it scalding water,

Lapping it up like female camels raging of thirst with disease."

Such will be their welcome on the Day of Judgement.

It is He who created you, then why do you not affirm the truth?

Just consider (the semen) that you emit,

Do you create it, or We are its creator?

We have incorporated death in your constitution, and We shall not be hindered

From replacing you with others or raising you in a way you do not know.

You have known the first creation, then why do you not reflect?

Just ponder over what you sow:

Do you give it its increase, or are We the giver?

We could turn it, if We pleased, into straw; then you would rue the day,

(And say:) "We have fallen into debt;

Indeed, we have been deprived of the fruits of our labour."

Consider the water that you drink.

Do you send it down from the clouds, or We send it down?

We could make it brackish, if We pleased; so why do you not acknowledge thanks?

Consider the fire that you strike (and get by friction).

Have you raised its tree, or We have raised it?

We have made it as a reminder and convenience for the needy.

So glorify your Lord, the most supreme.

So I call the placement of the stars to witness --

And this surely is great evidence if you can understand --