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Those of you who have hope in God and the Last Day have certainly a good example in them. But whosoever turns away, then surely God is above concern, worthy of praise.

It maybe that God will create love between you and your enemies. God is all-powerful, and God is forgiving, ever-merciful.

God does not forbid you from being kind and acting justly towards those who did not fight over faith with you, nor expelled you from your homes. God indeed loves those who are just.

He only forbids you from making friends with those who fought over faith with you and banished you from your homes, and aided in your exile. Whoever makes friends with them is a transgressor.

O believers, when believing women come over to you as refugees, then examine them. God alone is cognisant of their faith. If you find that they are believers, do not send them back to unbelievers. They are not lawful for them, nor are infidels lawful for believing women. Give the unbelievers what they have spent on them. There is no sin if you marry them provided you give their dowers to them. Do not retain your (marriage) ties with unbelieving women. Ask for the return of what you have spent (on them); and the unbelievers should ask for the return of what they have spent. This is the judgement of God. He judges between you. God is all-knowing and all-wise.

If any of your women go away to the unbelievers, and you succeed in your turn (and have a chance of getting spoils), then give to those whose wives have so gone away as much as they had spent on them; but take heed and fear God in whom you believe.