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O Prophet, when believing women come to you and swear on oath that they will not associate anything with God, nor steal, nor fornicate, nor kill their children, nor accuse others for what they have fabricated themselves, nor disobey you in any rightful thing, then you should accept their allegiance, and ask forgiveness of God for them. Certainly God is forgiving and kind.

O you who believe, do not make friends with those who have suffered the anger of God by having become despondent of the life to come like those unbelievers who are despondent of those who are in the graves.

ALL THAT IS in the heavens and the earth sings the praises of God. He is all-mighty and all-wise.

O you who believe, why do you profess what you do not practise?

Saying what you do not practice is odious to God.

Surely God loves those who fight in His cause in full formations as though they were a compact wall.

When Moses said to his people: "O my people, why do you afflict me though you know that I have been sent to you by God?" But when they turned aside God made their hearts turn farther away; for God does not show the transgressors the way.