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Those who did not believe and denied Our revelations will be inmates of Hell, where they will abide for ever, and how evil a journey's end!

No calamity befalls unless God dispenses. He guides the heart of whosoever believes in God; and God has knowledge of everything.

Obey God and obey His Apostle. If you turn away, the duty of the Apostle is to convey the message clearly.

God: There is no god but He; and in God should believers place their trust.

O believers, some of your spouses and children are your enemies, so beware of them! Yet if you forbear, overlook, and forgive, God is indeed forgiving and kind.

Your wealth and children are surely meant as trial for you: But with God is the great reward.

So fear God as much as you can, and listen and obey, and spend in charity for your own good. He who is saved from his own avarice will be successful.

If you lend a goodly loan to God, He will double it for you, and forgive you. God knows the worth of good deeds and is clement,

The knower of the unknown and the known, all-mighty and all-wise.