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Whether you say a thing secretly or openly, He knows the innermost secrets of your hearts.

Can He who has created not know (His creation)? He is all-penetrating, all-aware.

It is He who made the earth subservient to you that you may travel all around it, and eat of things He has provided; and to Him will be your resurrection.

Are you so unafraid that He who is in Heaven will not open up the earth to swallow you, when it will begin to tremble?

Or have you become so unafraid that He who is in Heaven will not send a violent wind to shower stones at you? Then you will know the import of My commination!

Those before them had also denied. And how was My punishment then!

Do they not see the birds above them flying wings spread out or folded? Nothing holds them aloft but God. All things are within His purview.

What other army do you have to help you apart from Ar-Rahman? The unbelievers are surely lost in delusion.

Who is there to give you food in case He withholds His bounty? Yet they persist in rebellion and aversion.

Will he find the way who grovels flat on his face, or he who walks straight on the right path?

Say: "It is He who raised you and gave you ears and eyes and hearts. How little are the thanks you offer!"

Say: "It is He who dispersed you all over the earth, and to Him you will be gathered."

But they say: "When will this promise come to pass, if what you say is true?"

Say: "God alone has knowledge. My duty is only to warn you clearly."