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There is surely reward unending for you,

For you are verily born of sublime nature.

So you will see, and they will realise,

Who is distracted.

Verily your Lord knows those who have gone astray from His path, and He knows those who are guided on the way.

Say: "He is the benevolent; in Him do we believe, and in Him do we place our trust. You will now realise who is in manifest error."

Say: "Just think: If your water were to dry up in the morning who will bring you water from a fresh, flowing stream?"

NUN. I CALL to witness the pen and what they inscribe,

You are not demented by the grace of your Lord.

When they realise it has come upon them, distraught will be the faces of unbelievers. They will be told: "This is what you asked for."

Say: "Just think: If God destroys me and those with me, or is benevolent to us, who will then protect the unbelievers from a painful doom?"

So do not comply with those who deny:

They only want that you should relent, so that they may come to terms.

Do not heed a contemptible swearer,

Or backbiter, calumniator, slanderer,

Who hinders men from (doing) good, the transgressor, the iniquitous,

Crude, and above all, mean and infamous,

Simply because he possesses wealth and children.

When you recite Our revelations to him, he says: "These are fables of long ago."

We shall brand him on the muzzle.