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Nor food other than suppuration (filth)

Which none but the hellish eat."

So, I call to witness what you see

And what you do not see,

That this is indeed the word of the noble Messenger,

And not the word of a poet. How little is it that you believe!

Nor is it the word of a soothsayer. Little is it that you reflect!

It has been sent down by the Lord of all the worlds.

Had he attributed falsely any words to Us,

We would have seized him by his right hand,

Then cut off his aorta,

And not one of you would have been able to stop (Us).

It is really a reminder for those who fear God and follow the straight path.

We certainly know that some among you do deny it.

It is surely the nemesis of unbelievers.

And He, He is indeed the ultimate Reality.

So glorify your Lord, the most supreme.

AN INQUIRER ASKED for the affliction that is to come

Upon the infidels -- which none would be able to repel --

From God, the Lord of the steps (of progression),

To whom the angels and the soul take a day to ascend, whose length is fifty thousand years.

So persevere with becoming patience.

They surely take it to be far away,

But We see it very near.

The day the sky becomes like molten brass,

The mountains like the tufts of (carded) wool,

And no friend inquires after friend