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It will be a day of distress,

Dolorous for the unbelievers.

Leave him to Me whom I created alone,

And gave him abundant wealth

And sons always present by his side,

And made things easy for them.

Yet he wants that I should give him more.

Never. He is refractory of Our signs.

I shall inflict on him hardship,

For he had thought and calculated.

Your Lord surely knows that you are occupied with your devotions for nearly two-thirds of the night, or half the night, or one-third of it, as do many others with you. Yet God prescribes the measure of night and day. He knows you cannot calculate it, and so turns to you in benevolence. So recite as much of the Qur'an as you can easily. He knows some among you will be sick, and some will be travelling over the earth in search of the bounty of God, and some fighting in the way of God. So read as much from it as you can easily, and be firm in devotion, pay the zakat, and lend a goodly loan to God. And what you send for yourself of the good, you will find it with God better and greater in reward. So ask for God's forgiveness. Indeed God is forgiving and kind.

O YOU ENFOLDED in your mantle (of reform),

Arise and warn,

Glorify your Lord,

Purify your inner self,

And banish all trepidation.

Do not bestow favours in expectation of return,

And persevere in the way of your Lord.

For when the trumpet blows