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From a spring of which the votaries of God will drink and make it flow in abundance.

Those who fulfil their vows and fear the Day whose evil shall be diffused far and wide,

And feed the needy for the love of Him, and the orphans and the captives,

(Saying): "We feed you for the sake of God, desiring neither recompense nor thanks.

We fear the dismal day calamitous from our Lord."

So God will protect them from the evil of that day, and grant them happiness and joy,

And reward them for their perseverence Paradise and silken robes,

Where they will recline on couches feeling neither heat of the sun nor intense cold.

The shadows will bend over them, and low will hang the clusters of grapes.

Passed round will be silver flagons and goblets made of glass,

And crystal clear bottles of silver, of which they will determine the measure themselves.

There will they drink a cup flavoured with ginger

From a spring by the name of Ever-flowing-Salsabil.

And boys of everlasting youth will go about attending them. Looking at them you would think that they were pearls dispersed.

When you look around, you will see delights and great dominion.

On their bodies will be garments of the finest green silk and brocade, and they will be adorned with bracelets of silver; and their Lord will give them a purest draught to drink.

"This in truth is your recompense, and acceptance of your endeavours."

We have revealed the Qur'an to you gradually;

So wait for your Lord's command, and do not follow any sinner or disbeliever among them.

Meditate upon the name of your Lord morning and evening;