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And bow in homage part of the night, and glorify Him far into the night.

Surely men love what hastes away and forget the grievous day (ahead).

We created them and fixed their bones and joints; and We could replace them when We like with others like them.

This surely is a reminder: Therefore whosoever desires may take the way to his Lord.

But you will not desire except as God wills. Verily He is all-knowing and all-wise.

He admits whosoever He will to His benevolence. But for the evil-doers He has prepared a painful punishment.

I CALL TO WITNESS those who are sent consecutively,

And those that strike violently,

And those that revive by quickening,

And those that distinguish distinctly,

And those that bring down the Reminder

To end all argument or to warn.

What is promised will surely come to pass.

When the stars are obliterated,

The heavens split asunder,

The mountains reduced to dust and blown away,

And when the time comes for raising the little girls (buried alive) --

For what day is that time fixed?

The Day of Judgement.

How will you comprehend what the Day of Judgement is?

Alas the woe that day for those who deny!

Have We not destroyed the earlier generations?

So shall We make the later ones to follow them.

That is what We shall do to those who are guilty of crime.

Alas the woe that day for those who deny!