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WHEN THE SKY is split asunder,

And the stars dispersed,

When the oceans begin to flow,

When the graves are overturned,

Each soul will know what it had sent ahead and what it had left behind.

O man, what seduced you from your munificent Lord

Who created you then formed your symmetry, then gave you right proportion,

Shaping you into any form He pleased?

Even then you deny the Judgement.

Surely there are guardians over you,

Illustrious scribes

Who know what you do.

The pious will surely be in heaven,

The wicked certainly in Hell:

They will burn in it on the Day of Judgement,

And will not be removed from it.

How can you comprehend what the Day of Judgement is?

How then can you comprehend what the Day of Judgement is?

It is the day when no soul will have power to do the least for a soul, and God's alone will be done.

WOE TO THOSE who give short measure,

Who insist on being given full when they take from others,

Whilst when they measure or weigh for them, give less.

Do they not think they will be raised (to life) again