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I CALL TO witness the heavens and the night Star --

How will you comprehend what the night star is?

It is the star that shines with a piercing brightness --

That over each soul there is a guardian.

Let man consider what he was made of:

He was created of spurting water

Issuing from (the pelvis) between the backbone and the ribs.

God has certainly power to bring him back (from the dead).

The day all secrets are examined

He will have no strength or helper.

So I call to witness the rain-producing sky,

And the earth which opens up (with verdure),

That this (Qur'an) is a decisive word

And no trifle.

They are hatching up a plot,

But I too am devising a plan.

So bear with unbelievers with patience, and give them respite for a while.

GLORIFY THE NAME of your Lord, most high,

Who creates and proportions,

Who determines and directs,

Who brings out the pastures

Then reduces them to rusty rubbish.

We shall make you recite (the Qur'an) so that you will not forget it,

Unless God may please. He knows the visible and knows what is hidden.

We shall take you slowly towards ease.

So remind them if reminder is profitable:

Those who fear will understand.