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And Hell is brought near, that day will man remember, but of what avail will then remembering be?

He will say: "Alas the woe! Would that I had sent ahead something in my life."

None can punish as He will punish on that day,

And none can bind as He will bind.

O you tranquil soul,

Return to your Lord, well-pleased and well-pleasing Him.

"Enter then among My votaries,

Enter then My garden."

I CALL THIS earth to witness --

And you are free to live upon it, --

And the parent and the offspring,

That We created man in toil and trouble.

Does he think that no one has power over him?

He says: "I have wasted a great deal of wealth."

Does he think that no one sees him?

Did We not give him two eyes,

One tongue, and two lips,

And showed him two highways (of good and evil)?

But he could not scale the steep ascent.

How will you comprehend what the Steep ascent is? --

To free a neck (from the burden of debt or slavery),

Or to feed in times of famine

The orphan near in relationship,

Or the poor in distress;

And to be of those who believe, and urge upon one another to persevere, and urge upon each other to be kind.

They are the people of the right hand (and will succeed).