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For him We shall ease the way of adversity,

And his riches will not avail him when he falls headlong (into the Abyss).

It is indeed for Us to show the way,

And to Us belong the End and the Beginning.

So, I warn you of the blazing Fire.

No one will burn in it but the most wretched,

Who denied (the truth) and turned away.

But save him who fears

And gives of his wealth that he may grow in virtue,

And is under no one's obligation to return his favour,

Other than seeking the glory of his Lord, most high,

Will surely be gratified.

I CALL TO witness the early hours of morning,

And the night when dark and still,

Your Lord has neither left you, nor despises you.

What is to come is better for you than what has gone before;

For your Lord will certainly give you, and you will be content.

Did He not find you an orphan and take care of you?

Did He not find you perplexed, and show you the way?

Did He not find you poor and enrich you?

So do not oppress the orphan,

And do not drive the beggar away,

And keep recounting the favours of your Lord.

HAVE WE NOT opened up your breast

And removed your burden