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Which had left you devoid of hope,

And exalted your fame?

Surely with hardship there is ease.

With hardship indeed there is ease.

So when you are free work diligently,

And turn to your Lord with all your love.

I CALL TO witness the Fig and the Olive,

The Mount Sinai,

And this Soil Secure,

That We created man of finest possibilities,

Then brought him down to the lowest of the low,

Except those who believe and do the right, for whom there is reward undiminished.

Who should then make you deny the Judgement after this?

Is not God the most equitable of all judges?

READ IN THE name of your Lord who created,

Created man from an embryo;

Read, for your Lord is most beneficent,

Who taught by the pen,

Taught man what he did not know.

And yet, but yet man is rebellious,

For he thinks he is sufficient in himself.

Surely your returning is to your Lord.

Have you seen him who restrains

A votary when he turns to his devotions?

Have you thought, if he had been on guidance

Or had enjoined piety, (it would have been better)?