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Have you thought that if he denies and turns away,

Does he not know that God sees?

And yet indeed if he does not desist We shall drag him by the forelock,

By the lying, the sinful forelock.

So let him call his associates,

We shall call the guards of Hell.

Beware! Do not obey him, but bow in adoration and draw near (to your Lord).

TRULY WE REVEALED it on the Night of Determination.

How will you know what the Night of Determination is?

Better is the Night of Determination than a thousand months.

On (this night) the angels and grace descend by the dispensation of their Lord, for settling all affairs.

It is peace till the dawning of the day.

THOSE AMONG THE people of the Book who disbelieve, and the idolaters, would not have been freed (from false beliefs) until the clear proof came to them --

An Apostle from God, reading out hallowed pages

Containing firm decrees.

The people of the Book were not divided among themselves till after the clear proof had come to them.

They were commanded only to serve God with all-exclusive faith in Him, to be upright, and to fulfil their devotional obligations, and to give zakat; for this is the even way.