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Surely the unbelievers among the people of the Book and the idolaters, will abide in the fire of Hell. They are the worst of creatures.

But those who believe and do the right are surely the best of created beings,

Whose reward is with their Lord -- gardens of Eden with rivers flowing by, where they will abide for ever, God pleased with their service, they with obedience to Him. This (awaits) him who stands in awe of his Lord.

WHEN THE WORLD is shaken up by its cataclysm,

And the earth throws out its burdens,

And man enquires: "What has come over it?"

That day it will narrate its annals,

For your Lord will have commanded it.

That day people will proceed separately to be shown their deeds.

Whosoever has done even an atom's weight of good will behold it;

And whosoever has done even an atom's weight of evil will behold that.

I CALL TO witness the chargers, snorting, rushing to battle before the others,

Then those striking sparks of fire,

Then those charging in the morning

Raising clouds of dust,

Penetrating deep into the armies,