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Among them is a section which distorts in reading the Scripture in a way that though it sounds like the Scripture, in fact it is not; yet they say it is from God, when they know it is not; and they lie about God, and knowingly.

It is not for a mortal to whom God reveals the Book and the judgement and the prophethood to say to the people: "Be my votaries instead of God's," but (to say): "Become learned in divine law, by virtue of teaching and studying the Book."

He will surely not bid you make the angels and the prophets your lords. Would he order you disbelief after you have submitted (and accepted the law of God)?

Remember when God covenanted the prophets (and said): "If after I have given you the Law and the judgement there comes an apostle to you who confirms the truth already with you, you will surely believe him and help him;" and asked: "Do you accept and agree to the terms of My covenant?" They said: "We accept." "Then you be witness," said God, "and I shall be witness with you.

Then any one who turns away will be a transgressor."

Do they seek another way than God's? But whosoever is in the heavens and the earth is submissive to God and obedient (to Him), by choice or constraint, and will be returned to Him.