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That man is ungrateful to his Lord

And is himself witness to it,

And is intractable in his love of worldly goods.

Does he not know when the contents of the graves are laid bare

And the secrets of the hearts exposed,

Surely their Lord will be aware of their (deeds).


What is the startling calamity?

How will you comprehend what the startling calamity is? --

A Day on which human beings would be like so many scattered moths,

The mountains like the tufts of carded wool.

Then he whose deeds shall weigh heavier in the scale

Will have a tranquil life;

But he whose deeds are lighter in the balance

Will have the Abyss for abode.

How will you comprehend what that is?

It is the scorching fire.

THE AVARICE OF plenitude keeps you occupied

Till you reach the grave.

But you will come to know soon; --

Indeed you will come to know soon.

And yet if you knew with positive knowledge

You have indeed to behold Hell;

Then you will see it with the eye of certainty.

Then on that day you will surely be asked about the verity of pleasures.