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When two of your bands were about to lose heart God befriended them; and in Him should the faithful place their trust.

For God had helped you during the Battle of Badr at a time when you were helpless. So act in compliance with the laws of God; you may well be grateful.

Remember when you said to the faithful: "Is it not sufficient that your Lord should send for your help three thousand angels from the heavens?

Indeed if you are patient and take heed for yourselves, and the (enemy) come rushing at you suddenly your Lord will send even five thousand angels on chargers sweeping down."

And God did not do so but as good tidings for you, and to reassure your hearts for victory comes from God alone, the all-mighty and all-wise --

In order that He may cut off a part of unbelievers or overthrow them, and they turn back in frustration.

You have no say in the matter if He pardon them or punish them, for they are unjust.

To God belongs all that is in the heavens and the earth: He may pardon whom He please and punish whom He will. Yet God is forgiving and kind.

O you who believe, do not practice usury, charging doubled and redoubled (interest); but have fear of God: you may well attain your goal.

Keep away from the Fire prepared for the infidels;

Obey God and the Prophet, that you may be treated with mercy.