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This is so that God may try the faithful and destroy the unbelievers.

Do you think you will go to Paradise while God does not know who among you strive and persist?

You had wished to know death before you faced it (in battle); so now you have seen it before your own eyes.

Muhammad is only a messenger; and many a messenger has gone before him. So what if he dies or is killed! Will you turn back and go away in haste? But he who turns back and goes away in haste will do no harm to God. But God will reward those who give thanks (and are grateful).

No one can die before his appointed term except in accordance with the law of God. And to him who desires a reward in this world, We shall give it; and to him who desires a reward in the life to come, We shall do that. We shall certainly reward those who are grateful.

Many a seeker after God has fought in the way of God by the side of many an apostle, undaunted (by disaster), and did not disgrace themselves; -- verily God loves those who are steadfast.

Nor did they say aught but: "O our Lord, forgive us our sins and excesses in our acts, and steady our steps, and help us against unbelieving people."

So God rewarded them in this world, and a better reward awaits them in the next; for God loves those who do good.