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O believers, if you listen to the infidels they will make you turn your backs, and you will be the losers.

But God is your protector, and He is the best of helpers.

We shall strike terror into the hearts of unbelievers for ascribing compeers to God for which He has sent down no sanction. Hell is their residence, the evil abode of the unjust.

The promise made to you by God was verified when you destroyed (the foe) by His leave, until you were unmanned and disputed the order, and thus disobeyed (the Apostle) even after He had brought you in sight of (victory) you longed for. Some of you desired this world, and some of you the next. Then He put you to flight before (them) in order to try you. But (now) He has forgiven you, for surely God is kind to the faithful.

Remember, as you were rushing up (the hill) without turning back to look, though the Prophet was calling you from the rear, He requited you with anguish for an anguish that you do not fret for missed opportunity and what befell you, for God is aware of all that you do,