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God has indeed heard the words of those who said: "God is a pauper whereas we are rich." We shall make a note of their words, and the murders of the prophets they committed unjustly, and say to them: "Now taste the agony of burning."

This is (requital) for the deeds you had committed, for God is not unjust to any of His creatures.

To those who say: "God has ordained that we should not believe an apostle who does not bring burnt offerings," say: "Many an apostle had come to you before me with manifest proofs, even with what you mention; then why did you kill them if you were men of truth?"

If they call you a liar (remember) so had other apostles been called before you, who had come with clear signs and Scriptures and the Book enlightening.

Every soul will know the taste of death. You will get your recompense in full on the Day of Resurrection; and he who is spared the Fire and finds his way to Paradise will meet his desire. As for the life of this world, it is nothing but a merchandise of vanity.

You will, nonetheless, be tried with your wealth and life, and will hear many untoward things from the followers of former Books and the infidels. But if you endure with patience and follow the straight path, it will surely (accord) with God's fixed resolve about human affairs.