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God likes to turn to you, but those who are lost in the pleasures of the flesh wish to turn you astray, far away.

God would like to lighten your burden, for man was created weak.

O believers, you should not usurp unjustly the wealth of each other, but trade by mutual consent; and do not destroy yourselves. God is merciful to you.

If someone does so through oppression or injustice, We shall cast him into Hell: This is how (the Law of) God works inevitably.

If you keep away from the deadly sins that have been forbidden, We shall efface your faults, and lead you to a place of honour.

Do not covet what God has favoured some with more than He has some others. Men have a share in what they earn, and women have theirs in what they earn. Ask God for His favours. Surely God has knowledge of everything.

For each We have appointed heirs to what parents and relatives leave behind. And to those you have given your pledge in marriage give their share, for God is witness to everything.