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Those who spend of their wealth to show off and do not believe in God and the Last Day, take Satan as companion, and how evil a companion (have they)!

Would something have befallen them if they had believed in God and the Last Day, and spent of what has been given them by God? God is fully aware of all they do.

God does not wrong any one, not even the equal of an atom; and if men do good He multiplies it by two, and adds a great reward of His own.

How shall it be when We call witnesses from each and every people and call you as witness over them?

On that day those who disbelieved and disobeyed the Prophet, shall wish they were levelled with the dust, and shall not be able to conceal a thing from God.

O you who believe, do not perform your service of prayer when you are intoxicated until you are sure of what you are saying, nor when in a state of seminal pollution, until you have taken a bath, except when you are travelling. But in case you are ill or are travelling, or you have relieved yourself of nature's call, or cohabited with a woman, and cannot find water, then take wholesome dust and pass it over your face and hands: God is benign and forgiving.

Have you not seen the people who were given a share of the Book, but who purchased only error, and wish that you also go astray?