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If We had commanded them to lay down their lives and to go forth from their homes, only a few would have obeyed; though had they followed what they had been commanded it would surely have been good for them and the strengthening of their faith.

And We would have bestowed on them a great reward of Our own,

And led them to the path that is straight.

Those who obey God and the Prophet are with those who are blessed by God, the prophets, the sincere and the trustful, the martyrs and the upright; and how excellent a company are they!

This is a favour from God; and sufficient is God, the all-knowing.

O believers, take precautions, and advance in detachments, or go all together in a body.

Someone among you will surely lag behind, and if calamity should befall you, will say: "God was gracious to me that I was not among them."

But if success comes to you from God he will say, as though no love existed between you and him: "I wish I were with them, for I would have certainly met with great success."

Those who barter the life of this world for the next should fight in the way of God. And We shall bestow on him who fights in the way of God, whether he is killed or is victorious, a glorious reward.