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And seek God's forgiveness, for God is surely forgiving and kind.

Do not argue for those who harbour deceit in their hearts, for God does not love the treacherous and the iniquitous.

They try to hide from (men), but they cannot hide from God who is with them at night when they discuss such matters as He does not approve; but what they do is well within the compass of God.

Well, you are those who pleaded for them in the life of this world; but who will plead for them on the Day of Resurrection or be their security?

He who does evil or acts against his own interests (by disbelieving), then prays for God's forgiveness, will find God compassionate and merciful.

He who earns the wages of sin does so for himself; and God is aware of everything and is wise.

He who commits a mistake or iniquity and ascribes it to one who is innocent, is guilty of calumny and brazen sin.

But for the mercy of God and His grace you would certainly have been misled by a section of them; yet they could not mislead you but themselves alone, and could do you no harm, for God has revealed to you the Book and the Law, and taught you what you did not know. Great have been the blessings of God on you.