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And when Our messengers came to Abraham with the good tidings, they said, |Indeed, we will destroy the people of that Lot's city. Indeed, its people have been wrongdoers.

[Abraham] said, |Indeed, within it is Lot.| They said, |We are more knowing of who is within it. We will surely save him and his family, except his wife. She is to be of those who remain behind.

And when Our messengers came to Lot, he was distressed for them and felt for them great discomfort. They said, |Fear not, nor grieve. Indeed, we will save you and your family, except your wife; she is to be of those who remain behind.

Indeed, we will bring down on the people of this city punishment from the sky because they have been defiantly disobedient.

And We have certainly left of it a sign as clear evidence for a people who use reason.

And to Madyan [We sent] their brother Shu'ayb, and he said, |O my people, worship Allah and expect the Last Day and do not commit abuse on the earth, spreading corruption.

But they denied him, so the earthquake seized them, and they became within their home [corpses] fallen prone.

And [We destroyed] 'Aad and Thamud, and it has become clear to you from their [ruined] dwellings. And Satan had made pleasing to them their deeds and averted them from the path, and they were endowed with perception.