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Allah is Al-Fattah (the Opener)

He is Allah, Al-Fattah (the Opener)… &"He is the Knowing Judge (the deliverer)&" (Saba&": 26).

&"Al-Fattah&" (the Opener)

He opens the doors of His mercy for us… &"Whatever mercy Allah grants to people - none can withhold it&" (Fâtir: 2).

&"Al-Fattah&" (the Opener)

May Allah open for us the doors of His Mercy, grant us of His favours and blessings, and provide us in abundance with His forgiveness and blessings.

&"Al-Fattah&" (the Opener).. He governs His slaves with His laws of religion, of fate and rewards. With His Gentleness, He opens the insights of His truthful slaves as well as their hearts, for them to become acquainted with Him, to love Him and repent to Him. He opens to His slaves the doors of mercy and sustenance.

He is the Opener of hearts which have closed, opening them with keys of guidance and Iman.

&"Al-Fattah&" (the Opener)

He opens the doors of mercy to allow it to flow abundantly and the doors of blessings to flow magnanimously. He opens the doors of knowledge and wisdom to adorn minds and opens the doors of Iman to guide hearts.

&"Al-Fattah&" (the Opener)

He lifts calamities from His slaves and relieves them of distress. He removes all hardships and harm.

&"Al-Fattah&" (the Opener)

He opens the doors of justice for His slaves to judge between them in justice in the Hereafter. He is Al-Wali (the Guardian Lord), Al-Hameed (the Praiseworthy One, the One Worthy of All Praise)

He is Allah, Al-Fattah (the Opener)…