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Allah is Al-Mubeen (the Manifest and Clear One)

He is Allah, Al-Mubeen (the Manifest and Clear One)… &"It is Allah who is the Perfect in justice (and makes all things manifest)&" (An-Nûr: 25).

O Allah, Al-Mubeen, make clear for us the road to truth and protect us from confusing it with the road to falsehood.

Allah makes the truth clear, and thus doubts disappear.

Allah is clear and precise about His Oneness, and that there is no god worthy of worship but Him.

&"Al-Mubeen&" (the Manifest and Clear One)

All the mental, religious, abstract and physical proofs that He provides of His Magnanimity and Existence cannot escape His slaves&" perception.

&"Al-Mubeen&" (the Manifest and Clear One)

He makes clear to His slaves the straight path by sending His Messenger (peace be uon him) with the the clear Book (the Holy Qur&"an)… &"There has come to you from Allah a light and a clear Book&" (Al-Mâ&"idah: 15).

He makes clear for His slaves the path to happiness, and makes it a result of His obedience and Tawheed.

He is Allah, Al-Mubeen (the Manifest and Clear One):