The Author:

Dr. Abdul Allah Bin Salem Bahmam, The Chairman of Fada Media Company and the superintendent of the Projects:

-Balagh: which includes the translation of the meanings of Holy Quran with different languages.


- The Global Minbar: which contributes to spreading the true concepts of Islam with different languages.


- Illustrated Islamic Law for Acts of Worship: It explains the rules of Islamic Jurisprudence by innovative means and with different languages.


-The Path to Happiness: This project is allocated for non-Muslims to explain the true concepts of Islam.


-With God: This project illustrates the Names and Attributes of Allah Almighty.


-With Prophet: This Project explains the virtues, life, biography, and attributes of Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him).


Bahmam wrote down several books including:

-The Path to Happiness (novel)

-The Path to Happiness (dialogue)

-With God (written by Bahmam and Dr. Muhammed Bin Srar Al-Yami)

-With Prophet Muhammad

- The donor and the charity organization

-Market yourself

-Market your ideas

- The conversions of ideas to projects


Bahmam is a trainer in the Methodological, management, marketing, and personal issues.


The private electronic site:


Saudi Arabia- Riyadh- mailbox no. 380 - zip code no. 11411