Laura VecciaVaglieri.


  • The true monotheism
  • “The Arabian prophet (pbuh), with a voice which was inspired by a deep communion with his Maker, preached the purest monotheism to the worshippers of idols and the followers of a corrupted Christianity and Judaism. He placed himself in an open conflict with the regressive tendencies of mankind, which lead to the association of other beings with the Creator.”

  • Universality of Islam
  • “The passage in the Qur’an which refers to the universality of Islam as the religion sent by God to His Prophet as ‘a mercy for all peoples’ is a direct call to the whole world. This is definite proof that the Prophet felt with absolute certainty that his mission was to go beyond the limits of the Arab nation and that he was to convey the new word to people of different races and languages.”

The Rulings of Relieving Oneself